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Fleur De Lis Floral Blog

Have you ever petered-out on New Year Goals?

Welcome to my first blog post of 2023!  As we enter into (so hard to believe )the 2nd month of 2023, I have been working HARD to not peter outon my new year goals.  Have you ever experienced this?  You start the new year off with great ideas, high energy and big dreams, but after a few weeks, once again, you gradually or maybe quickly fall off the wagon?  Each year I start out super excited… actually having real plans… and tons of energy.  But then life starts up again…and work… and then the little voice inside slowly convinces me that I can't accomplish it… it's too much work… and then - BOOM - time goes by, nothing happens… dreams disappear down that endless tunnel once again.    It's such a miserable feeling… am I right?

What is petering out?..."to gradually become smaller, weaker, or less before stopping or ending"
Quote: Their romantic relationship petered out after the summer. *Merriam Webster

What are my GOALS?

It's been an ongoing mission to grow my Floral Design business in several ways.  We want to grow bigger to service more clients for their events, but we also want to extend further into the industry and community by creating new relationships and sharing knowledge.   Have you ever wanted to start something new or enlarge your existing projects?  What have your experiences been?

For me I was intentional.  I actually made the commitment to write out my gameplan at the end of 2022, so I was one step ahead of the new year.  I felt like this was a good way to not let precious time slip away.  I went into 2023 with the same intentions, but I also kept the thought and emotion of the years past close to me so that I would not repeat the same behaviors.  I also started journaling so that my reality and positivity would stay strong and keep me in the head space I needed to be.  Another thing I started doing was exploring other stories of people who had been experiencing this same repeated history but were now on the other side of it and doing what they wanted and reaping the huge success and benefits of it.  I want to be like them. 

I invested more.  The time, research and some financial.  In the past I had not done that. I recollected having past thoughts that I could achieve these objectives by doing it all on my own, but that was not the case.  I also created a motivation board to visually support my goals.  This is a great tool you can make yourself with foam core or cardboard.  Then get photos of all things you want.  Think BIG!  Maybe it's picture of Fiji - a place you have been dying to go to.  Maybe it's a picture of your family and what you want to provide for them with your success.  Maybe it's a photo of your current, ready to die, car to remind you of the fact that you want a new one.  What are your motivators?  Creating this tool has been the key for me.  

I have already said (several times)… why did I not do this before?  If you can relate, go easy on yourself.  These are the BEST learning lessons.  I needed to remind myself… okay, you're here now… life is a journey, and we all have our own paths to walk... let's get going.

In closing, I want to say that I hope this inspires you if you connect with it.  I will leave you with the most important tip I learned along the way.  I literally FORCED myself every time there was a twinge of doubt, to go to my motivation board.  Also, the best advice I have gotten is to not overthink it… as the phrase goes…"Just Do It".  If the passion is there and the goal is defined, let the true YOU fly!

I invite any new visitors to like and follow me and Fleur De Lis Floral at @fleurdelisfloral.  Watch us grow.  

I hope you enjoy our artistic floral creations.  Please reach out if you have any floral needs for special events, workshops or coaching.  Have a happy healthy and blessed week!


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